A good substitute for metal in any CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENT


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FRP is a good substitute for metal in any CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENT. FRP ( Fibre Reinforced Plastic ) is a non metallic products suitable for various applications in all kind of chemical environment. 

FRP Gratings are used in walkway platforms on FRP tank top surface, near any fume extraction systems like wet scrubber area, etp or any chemical trenches.

FRP lining works alao can be done on the high corrosive environment. FRP lining, FRP coating, GRP lining, GRP coating all these works also done in the chemical contact environment. Along with these FRP coating or GRP coating can be done for the rain water gutters to avoid corrosion or leakage called as GRP Gutter lining or FRP Lining on Rain water gutters.                         


  • Less weight and easy to handle.
  • Non metallic and good resistant against any chemical environment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Thermally and electrically non conductive material
  • Good mechanical properties and good durability
  • Good substitutes for metal and steel

 Along with these we also deals with :

  1. Fume extraction system
  2. Wet scrubber system
  3. Acid fume scrubber
  4. Dry scrubber system
  5. Wet scrubber
  6. Centrifugal blower
  7. Dry scrubber
  8. Frp lining
  9. Frp coating
  10. Grp lining
  11. Grp coating
  12. Frp gutter lining